Wednesday, May 29, 2013

"New Spirit-Filled Life Bible"

The "New Spirit-Filled Life Bible" is a New King James Version Bible, edited by Jack W. Hayford. This Bible offers many tools to help you get the most out of your Bible, and help you get deeper into the Word than ever before. Key features include an introduction to each book of the Bible, with important information, such as the author, date written, content, and how it can be personally applied to our life. Another really neat feature of this Bible is the "Word Wealth" notes that appear throughout, which focuses on the translation, meaning, and deeper definition of key words in the Bible. There is also a "Kingdom Dynamics" section that also appears throughout that reiterates and goes into further detail about key passages in each book of the Bible, an includes cross references for more information on that topic.

Each page of this Bible has the bottom section devoted to notations that help explain what you are reading on that particular page. The back of the Bible offers several useful resources, such as an extensive concordance, as well as brief informative articles, covering topics such as "How to Lead A Person to the Savior: Principles of Personal Evangelism", "Holy Spirit Gifts and Power" and "The Holy Spirit and Restoration".

I really liked this version of the New King James Bible - I thought it offered a lot of helpful resources but yet still stays true to the traditional version of the text. The little additions, sidenotes, and articles really just help the understanding and comprehension of the Bible.

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