Monday, September 2, 2013

You'll Get Through This

Max Lucado's book, entitled, "You'll Get Through This : Hope and Help for Your Turbulent Times" is a wonderful book that is jam packed with hope for those in times of need. Who among us hasn't felt like we are in a terrible situation and silently asked ourselves why God hasn't helped us? Whether it is a medical issue, relationship issue, familial issue, or something completely different that you are struggling with, this book will give you hope.

Max Lucado uses his typical writing style, combining stories of Biblical strength, hope, and faith with stories of everyday folks and their stories to create a book filled with reason to be hopeful. We know that God doesn't enjoy seeing his children struggle, but this book really sheds light on how these trials and tests can be for a purpose! And not just any purpose - God's!

This book chronicles the life of Joseph interwoven with modern day trials and tragedies to build inspiration and faith. Loved every minute of it.

FTC DISCLOSURE - I received this book from for free in exchange for an honest review

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