Wednesday, May 21, 2014

New Spirit-Filled Life Bible

Thomas Nelson's newest Bible is the "New Spirit-Filled Life Bible". This Bible is an NIV version of the Bible, and the translation is as would be expected of any NIV Bible. What makes this Bible different are all of the study tools and additional features that help you to dig deeper into God's word than ever before. Each and every page is loaded with footnotes, to expound on the verses

Every chapter begins with a one or two page summary of the author, background information, theme of the chapter, and key words from the chapter. This is especially helpful in understanding more about the events of the time, and what was going on in society at the time the chapter was written. I also liked that this introduction also touches on the personal application of the chapter, helping me to understand how the lessons of each chapter can be applied on a personal level.

Other features included in this Bible are: "Kingdom Dynamics", which are themes that are explained throughout the Bible, featuring topics like stewardship, prophetic dreams and visions, and human worth/divine destiny, among many others; "Word Wealth" boxes appear frequently in this Bible, and feature key words. Each little box defines and explains a word that is important in the text. This helps to really understand the actual text of the Bible on a deeper level. Also, this Bible features "Truth-In-Action" charts that offer a short summary, with the truths that were taught in the chapter, as well as the actions that exemplify those truths. Essentially this shows us how we can live out the truths taught in the Bible in our own daily lives.

Overall I would give this Bible a 5/5. I loved all of the additional study features, and felt like they were a wonderful complement to this version of the Bible. There are tons of footnotes, which I personally enjoy because when something is a little confusing or I'm not entirely sure of the message, they easily and quickly explain what I am reading.

I would recommend this Bible to anyone in need to a study Bible. Great tool. Love it!

FTC DISCLOSURE: I received this Bible for free from Thomas Nelson Publishers in exchange for an honest review. I was not obligated to write a positive review.

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