Friday, October 24, 2014

Bible Study for Busy Mamas

"Bible Study for Busy Mamas: Thirty Days in 1 Corinthians 13" by Pam Forster is advertised as "inspiring, in-depth Bible study, five minutes at a time". As a busy mom of two little kids, I was intrigued by this book. Rarely do I have more than five minutes of uninterrupted time, so I thought this might be a great way to help fill in my days with more Bible study time.

The book is broken down by day, numbered "day one" through "day thirty". The daily reading itself is easily done inside the promised five minute time frame. However, rather than this book reading like a devotional with a focus on explaining, and strengthening understanding, it is more like classwork. Each page starts with just a short overview of the purpose of this particular "lesson", and is then followed by the "assignment".

Most of these "assignments" are slightly more involved that I thought they would be, which requires more time to sit and work on them. Then, the assignment is followed by "for your children", which is an assignment for you to do with your kids to help tie it all together. However, I feel like at times, this became more about doing so much that the message or purpose of the actual Bible verses were lost.

Overall I would say that this book had good intentions, but it really wasn't for me. When I'm picking up a devotional or Bible Study time, I look forward to that time being between myself and God, and I feel like this book tries to "assign" too much work and not enough wisdom.

FTC DISCLOSURE: I received this book for free from in exchange for this review.

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